The Microsoft Certification: Proving Your Knowledge

Obtaining a Microsoft certification is one of the easiest and most recognized ways of demonstrating your mastery of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or any other Microsoft Office product. The Microsoft certification program is administered by Microsoft and uses a standardized curriculum and test that is recognized all over the world. With an official Microsoft certification in hand, you can confidently showcase your mastery of any Microsoft Office product to your employers and co-workers.

How Do You Obtain a Microsoft Certification?

On its website, Microsoft lists all of the topics that are covered in each of the different exams they offer. The page for the Microsoft Excel Specialist test is a good example. While there are multiple ways to prepare for each certification test, the best way to prepare for and pass the test is to take classes from a reputable training provider who has designed a training program around the skills tested on the certification exam. Once you have completed training and studying for the test, you simply register to take the test through Certiport and schedule an exam for a time that best fits your schedule.

What Microsoft Certifications Are Available?

Most Microsoft Office products have only one certification: the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification. However, Excel and Word are different. There are actually two Microsoft certifications you can earn for these two products: the regular Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and a special Microsoft Office Specialist Expert Certification. The Expert Microsoft certification demonstrates a high-level (or power-user level) familiarity with the program. Users with an Expert Microsoft certification know all of the ins and outs of the program and are able to accomplish very complicated tasks with the programs. In order to obtain this certification, it is usually necessary to take several additional classes to obtain the appropriate mastery and knowledge of the program.

Finally, if you’re able to demonstrate your proficiency in several Microsoft Office products by obtaining the appropriate Microsoft certifications in several different programs (Word, Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, etc.), you can earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certification. With this Microsoft certification in hand, you have demonstrated that you are fully functional in most Microsoft Office products and are able to complete complex and integrated tasks using multiple programs in the Office Suite. This is one of the most difficult, but also most impressive Microsoft certifications you can earn.

Microsoft Office Master Specialist Microsoft Certification

How Do You Get Started?

Earning a Microsoft certification provides you with valuable job skills and also allows you to easily showcase those job skills to current or future employers. The best way to get started is to sign up for our free email newsletter, where you’ll get valuable Microsoft Office tips and tricks right in your inbox. You’ll also get exclusive offers for our upcoming training classes and webinars!

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