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Creating and using a Gantt Chart Excel template is one of the most popular ways to manage, organize, and track projects. Learning how to create a Gantt Chart in Excel is a key skill for anyone who wants to manage projects more effectively. In this article, you’ll learn how to create your own Gantt Charts in Excel as well as receive a free, downloadable Gantt Chart Excel template.

First Steps

First, set up your project tasks in a table as in the picture below, with the name of the task in the first column, the start date (with 0 representing the start of the project) in the second column, and the duration (in days) in the last column.

Gantt Chart Step 1

Then you will want to highlight the data in your table and insert a Stacked Bar Chart, as in the picture below.

Gantt Chart Step 2

You should get a chart that looks like this:

Gannt Chart Excel Template Step 3

Formatting the Gantt Chart

First, select the legend (on the right-hand side of the chart) and delete it. Then go up into the Ribbon, select the Layout tab under the Chart Tools group, and select “Vertical (Category) Axis” from the drop down menu on the far left-hand side of the ribbon.

Gantt Chart Excel Template Step 4

Select “Format Selection”

Gantt Chart Excel Template Step 5

Put a checkmark in the “Categories in reverse order” box.

Gantt Chart Excel Template Step 6

To complete your Gantt Chart in Excel, go back to the dropdown box in the Layout tab of “Chart Tools” and select “Series ‘Start Date'”.

Gantt Chart Excel Template Step 7

Finally, go in the Format tab (under Chart Tools) and click “Shape Fill” and then “No Fill”.

Gantt Chart Excel Template Step 8

Your final product will look like this:

Gantt Chart Excel Template Final

Of course, you can play around with the formatting to make it look a little more interesting. You can add titles, change the style, pretty much anything you can do with a normal Excel chart. For our template, we added a title and applied Chart Style 27.

Gantt Chart Excel Template Final with Formatting

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