Microsoft Unveils New Version of Microsoft Office

Today, Microsoft unveiled a preview of its upcoming Office 2016 product suite. The new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint editions are available for preview for those running the Windows 10 Technical Preview. You can signup for the Technical Preview on Microsoft’s website.

The new Office suite will be pre-installed (for free) on phones and tablets running the new Windows 10 operating system. Everyone else will have to download the software. However, the added functionality of the updated programs does look promising. All the new “apps” are optimized for touch-screen devices. Many of the sharing features of Microsoft’s core programs have been re-vamped, and you will be able to see edits from other users on shared files in real-time. You will also be able to manage all your documents, emails, presentations, and even spreadsheets with the touch of a finger. Though, I would probably caution against discarding your mouse just yet. The new software is scheduled for launch towards the end of this year.

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