How to Password Protect Excel Workbooks and Secure Your Data

Password Protect Excel Workbooks In 3 Clicks

Many times you want to restrict who can access your spreadsheets. Luckily, Microsoft makes it easy to password protect Excel workbooks. Using the method above, you can password protect Excel workbooks and secure your data against unauthorized access. When you encrypt the workbook, only those with the password will be able to open or view the file, which allows you to control access to your data and also prevent someone from making unauthorized changes. However, it is also important to remember your password, because if you lose it, it is very difficult to recover. Watch the above video to learn how you can password protect Excel workbooks when you need to secure the file and how to remove passwords when encryption is no longer necessary.

Password Protect Excel WorkbooksIf the data in your Excel file is extremely sensitive, it is important to use secure passwords. Don’t use easy-to-guess passwords (like your birthday or even “password”) to password protect Excel files. You can use free tools on the internet to generate random, secure passwords. Norton (the company that produces Symantec anti-virus software) has a free password generator on their website. Use a resource such as this (or any other number of free resources on the internet) to password protect Excel files with secure, difficult-to-crack passwords. You can also layer several different passwords within your Excel file to further restrict access to sensitive data and provide additional security if your initial password is compromised. While beyond the scope of this video, you can learn more about how to secure your Excel files by attending one of our classes or webinars.

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