How to Enable the Excel Developer Tab

In order to unlock much of Excel’s advanced functionality, you must first enable the Excel Developer Tab. Once you open the Excel Developer Tab on the Ribbon, you will have access to all of the macro and coding options. Opening this tab is the first step in learning how to code in Excel.

To get started, open the File Tab on the Ribbon and select “Options”.

excel developer tab options

This will open the Excel Options Dialogue Box. From here, navigate down to the “Customize Ribbon” option.

excel developer tab options

Your screen should look like this:

excel developer tab ribbon

This screen provides you with access to all of the different components of the Ribbon. The scroll box on the left contains a list of all of the commands in Excel (things like cut, paste, copy, etc.). The scroll box on the right allows you to modify the contents of the Ribbon. If you know how to customize the Excel Ribbon, the next step is easy. If you don’t, simply check the box next to Developer in the right-hand scroll box.

excel developer tab ribbon2

Then click “OK”. If you’ve followed the above steps, you should have enabled the Excel Developer Tab. It should appear on the far right-hand side of the Ribbon, as in the screenshot below.

excel developer tab final

As you can see, once you’ve enabled the Excel Developer Tab, you open up access to many of the options that allow you to create and edit macros, write code in VBA, and add interactive form controls (such as buttons, scroll boxes, etc.) to your spreadsheets. Opening up the Excel Developer Tab is the first step in learning how to use these more advanced controls.

Finding the Excel Developer Tab is Only the First Step!

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